May 22, 2015

The world of oriental carpets. Dramatic changes have occurred in today’s handmade oriental carpet industry. Although the weaving techniques and traditions have remained virtually unchanged, the weavers have found it more advantageous to adapt designs and colors to better satisfy western decorative tastes. Accordingly, we have created hand-knotted, hand crafted, authentic Nepalese carpets for export worldwide. Here is your personal invitation to a world of Nepalese carpet, a timeless beauty and cultural mystique. This website is prepared with one thought in mind – introducing you to Exotic Oriental Crafts Pvt. Ltd., the exiting world of handmade oriental rugs. In the following pages, you are invited to discover yourself and gain a general knowledge of the origin and the creation of Nepalese carpets such as, production information; types of raw materials, dyes and chemicals used; production facilities, ordering, payment and many more useful information.

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